Hello. I'm Nora.

And I'm so glad you're here.

  • Mama to a baby girl. She keeps me on my toes
  • Powered by matcha + spicy food
  • Nearly 5 feet
  • Craves simplicity and life's honest moments
  • Always on a hunt for that perfect bowl of pho

I am a small town girl who moved around quite a bit since my young days, until my heart decides to build a home in Sydney. I am fascinated with human connections and a hopeless romantic at heart. Nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than real, unscripted in- between moments, the joyful, the quirky, the loving, the quiet and above all, moments of emotional honesty. If you are my people, I'd be so honoured to tell your stories.


I am obsessed with documenting life - not necessarily the perfect portrait; but rather the heartfelt hugs, the dirty faces and the giggles that make your story yours. Long after the sleepless nights have ended, and when you no longer has to tolerate the pain of stepping on yet another Lego piece, I hope to have preserved those genuine moments with your little people for you - Your very own journey of love and parenthood.

Kind Words..

"We absolutely love the photos, you captured so many wonderful moments Nora - and we can't thank you enough. You are such a talented photographer with a beautiful personality, and you have this special way of making people feel so comfortable and relaxed during the shoot that bring out so many great shots. You're too good!! We feel so lucky to have met you those years ago. Thanks again."


" Thank you for the stunning photos!! And for making us feel so comfortable during the shoot which is not an easy task especially for someone like Andy (fiancé). We love your work and would absolutely recommend you to everyone."


"Oh Nora, I was both smiling and had tears rolling down my face when I saw these pics. You've captured our love in image - I am speechless. WOW. Thank you so much!!! These are just amazing and every shot has captured us beautifully and better than we could have ever imagined. Your talent is phenomenal! Thank you!!! I can hardly recognise that is what people see when they see us together. We are forever grateful for you having done this for us."


Any questions?

Sydney Wedding Photographer | Sydney Family Photographer

Sydney Wedding and Family Lifestyle Photographer. Documenting relaxed, heartfelt and intimate images in natural lights, capturing wedding and family stories in Sydney and surroundings.

Based in the Inner West.

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