Looking at these gorgeous photos of Sara and Max awaiting their little miracle makes me think of just how special these images will be in a few years time. This session is one of my favourites as it was actually photographed in their own house. I can only imagine their baby girl looking back at this time before she was born, in the place she will soon call home and would feel just how much love there was for her from the very beginning. I know the ways their heart waited to finally meet their sweet baby for the longest time. Documenting this season for them was truly my joy.

"Motherhood" is something I feel very deeply about, although I did not realise it until the birth of my daughter. It wasn't until entering into this season of life that I can finally immersed myself into a love so pure. Maybe this is why I love documenting motherhood in one way or another. It truly is an honour to capture this times for other women, as they embark on a new, exciting journey of love.

maternity gown with white lace
beautiful pregnant woman looking down
maternity photoshoot
lace gown worn by pregnant lady holding flowers
pregnant woman on her bed
pregnant woman sitting on her bed
cradling the bump
pregnant lady looking at her baby bump
joyful mom to be smiling
nursery toy held by pregnant lady