Sydney Lifestyle Couple Photo shoot

Once in a while, you meet people who's a breathe of fresh air in your journey. Jess and Aaron is one of them.

From the moment they greeted me at the door, I just knew it is going to be fun ride. Jess is this happy, gorgeous, free spirit who also happens be a meditation guide and the champagne bubble of Daybreaker Sydney, cool right? Aaron is charismatic, down to earth, charming and exudes confidence like no others. And together, they reminds me so much of this favourite quote of mine from Frida Kahlo - He looks at her like maybe she is magic.

couple facing each other and kissing by the cliff
reflections on a couple walking holding hands in twilight
man lifting woman by the rocks with reflection from the water
couple sitting on the rocks
romantic black and white photo of a couple kissing
couple sitting and holding on to each other while smiling
woman hugging man from behind
black and white photo of couple sitting by the rocks
Couple sitting on the rocks enjoying sunset by the bay
Couple standing on a cliff at dusk
couple sitting on the rocks
intimate photo of couple cuddling each other
Man and woman rubbing their nose together and holding hands
Hand holding couple sitting and cuddling in black and white
Man whispering into woman's ear while caressing her face
Man piggy riding woman and laugh happily
Man posing on the rocks
Man piggy riding woman and laugh happily
Man lifting woman with reflection in the water
Man piggy riding woman and laugh happily
Man giving girlfriend a kiss on the forehead
Woman doing meditation pose
Happy couple enjoying the sunset on the rocks
Man and woman facing each other in anticipation of kiss
Man giving a woman a kiss on the cheek while hugging her

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