It's an exciting season of your life. You can't wait to eternalise this meaningful moment, but it can be hard to plan what outfits to wear, and what style to choose. As your photographer, this is my number 1 most Frequently Asked Question. There are honestly a few factors that make the telling of your story that extra bit beautiful.

Here are my 10 ten tips to make you look (and feel) your best :


Many couples feel like that have to exactly match the colour and the pattern/ prints for their engagement pictures, but this isn't a Christmas card shoot. Let's stay away from selecting pieces that are too “matchy-matchy.” Choose a few items that both of you can wear to complement each other. This will give your photos a cohesive feel with a similar colour palette. So if you’re wearing a light blue dress, blush earrings and nude heels (light blue being your dominant color), then he could wear a white shirt with grey pants, paired with tan shoes, for instance. Most of my couple choose their dress first, and then put together their fiancé’s outfit based on that. And if you're stumped about coordinating, my go-to are always a gray or navy color for either the pants or the jacket.


Regardless of shape, we all have an area of the body that we are self conscious about, so recognising what that is in advance is key. While choosing outfit, look for flattering silhouettes and colours that complement your natural features to ensure you'll love how it looks in the photos. 3/4 length sleeves create a slimming effect on most arms, while strapless dresses does the opposite effect if your goal is to set a slimmer-looking arms. Another option is to bring a jacket, blazer or cardigan along, too. Heels elongate women's legs, and skinny belts helps define your natural ways line in a flattering way. These little tricks make all the difference!

TIP - If you choose to wear heels, bring a pair of flats to change into while moving from one location to another.


Trend comes and go. These photos are going to be shared for a lifetime, and so you won’t want to pick your outfit revolving around a trend that is super stylish right now. You may be really into that chunky "dad's sneakers" trend, but next year you may find yourself questioning your outfit choices. I recommend simple looks that will remain timeless, rather than following trends that could make your images feel dated a few years down the road.


Layers add interest and also allow for removing clothing if it gets warm - Think scarfs, hats, vests, cardigans, blazers, jackets. Whether it is a suit or a sweater over a button-up, men look good in layers. For ladies, maxi length skirts and flowy dresses always look lovely because they create a sense of movement. They photograph beautifully and really flatter the female bodies.


Sweater, knits and textured throw would set the look of a cosy winter session while flowy, organic dresses, denim jackets, topped with straw hats at the beach spells summer. Location wise, if you decide to shoot outdoors with gorgeous landscapes, consider clothes with muted natural colours. If you decide to have an urban/ city area as the backdrop of your shoot, think bolder pops of colours and statement pieces.


I recommend opting to a neutral or soft muted tones for both of you. It always photographs well, and allows you to both stand out (and not your outfit!) Plus, it keeps the images timeless, and match your home décor (year after year!)


Textures always photographs beautifully (such as Linen, Knits, Cotton, Lace, Chiffon, Corduroy, etc). A textured scarf or an oversized beach hat will elevate the look and feel of your photographs; while Fur, Leather, Lace and tulle brings more warmth and romance to your images. If you are up for it, think of incorporating flowers into the shoot. Contact your florist for your wedding and see if they could make a bouquet for your session!


Avoid contrasted patterns that create that weird swirly effect on camera (its called the moire effect if you want to read about it). This happens most often with outfit with contrasted, small pattern. Small patterns, especially stripes or checkers, create something called a moiré effect in your images, making the colours look funny. Generally not a great look in your finished images. For ladies, bring the right color and type of bra for each outfit. Bring different undershirts if your clothes require it.


It’s not just what you wear, it’s also how well it fits you! Proper fitted clothing will make you look leaner and elevate your style.


The final, but truly most important piece of advice - Do not force yourself into clothes that are not ‘you’. The more comfortable you are, the better you will feel during your shoot! Remember that you will be photographed from different angles, so make sure you love the way the outfit looks from the side and back. The last thing you want to do is spend time during what should be a fun, romantic engagement shoot concerned over whether pieces of your ensemble are falling the right way or making sure everything is staying tucked.

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